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Prior to 1995, Michigan was one of a very few states that required a court termination of the rights of a child’s parents before the child could be placed in a home for the purpose of adoption. Michigan prohibited the parents of a child from consenting to the adoption of their child by an unrelated, prospective adoptive parent.

The law required that the placement of a child with an unrelated individual or couple could only be done by a state licensed child placing agency or by the Michigan Family Independence Agency. This made it impossible for the child’s parent to select a prospective adoptive parent independent of a child placing agency. In addition, placement of an infant directly from the hospital with a prospective adoptive parent required licensing the adoptive parent as a foster parent.

As of 1995, changes in Michigan's adoption law modified these restrictions. In brief:

  • It is possible to make a "temporary placement" of a child in a prospective adoptive home immediately following birth, while the legal proceedings are being completed.
  • Parents are able to make a "direct placement" of their child, i.e., parents are able to personally select the adopting parent and consent to adoption of their child by an unrelated individual or couple. 
  • A parent can enlist the assistance of an "adoption facilitator" in effecting an adoption. "Adoption facilitators" are child placing agencies or attorneys.


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